Paramount Construction Company, formed in 2004, is driven by visionary leaders and managed by thorough professionals. Largely a family concern, Comprising of Ali Nawaz, Ali Abbas, Mr.Siraj & Mrs Mallika Siraj


Mr. Ali Nawaz Siraj, the Managing Partner of the company is an established architect with a vision for developing and establishing a company specializing in architectural needs of the industry. A graduate of MIT, Aurangabad, he started his career by seeking an internship with a top architectural firm in Mumbai under the guiding hand of Hafeez Contractor. The internship provided him a hands-on learning experience and training in design and planning. Mr. Ali Nawaz has worked closely with consultants to provide solutions and establish himself as interior designer with a unique style. He has been involved in the field of design and planning, small and large structures, for the unique needs of his clients. He has designed and helped in the execution of several specialized projects to the satisfaction of his clients. 

Mr. Siraj M. Peer Mohamed is the Senior Partner and Administrator of Paramount Construction. A senior executive with experience in construction, industries, banking and finance, Mr. Siraj Peer Mohamed brings forty of experience and foresight to the company. He has worked on special assignment as Purchasing Officer at the Research Institute, University of Petroleum and Minerals, and was stationed in Dhahran for the goverment of Saudi Arabia for six years. Today, he serves as an advisor to Paramount Construction and manages inventory, administrative and financial matters in Hyderabad.

Mr. Ali Abbas Siraj is a managing partner in the firm and serves as a Consultant and Project Manager for various architects and engineers like Shafi and associates of Hyderabad , Bhalla and Associates, Delhi, Raheem and Mukaram structural engineers , Hyderabad. He is a qualified Civil Engineer from Hyderabad Engineering College and has worked on several projects and brings twelve years of experience to the company. He is a seasoned civil Engineer with a track record of completing projects in and around Hyderabad, Himachal Pradesh, Chandigarh and Shimla. He has attended professional development courses in Risk Management and specializes in structural engineering projects. He brings professionalism, integrity and values to the company.

Mrs. Maleka Siraj is a partner in the firm and a established educationalist, who serves Paramount Construction as an advisor. She has been teaching for thirty years and is a pioneer in the field of education. She is a patient, caring educator who specializes in teaching children with special needs. She brings her experience of children and families to the company and seeks to educate children and families. Her expertise has led to educating indigenous people in tribal areas and providing information on education, health and well being. She bring to the company her experience in teaching not only children but educating families in tribal areas where the firm is working on diverse topics such as cleanliness, well being, diet and health issues trying to create a public relation with people in the area .