Core Strengths

Paramount’s core strengths lie in its multi-faceted team, full complement of best-in- class equipment, widening geographical reach, impeccable quality and unmatched safety record. Central to the company’s initiatives is the stress on excellence at every stage in the work processes so that the overall quality of what is delivered to clients is exemplary.

Organizational ethics
Paramount employs only environment-friendly work methods. It lays emphasis on occupational health and workplace safety. The company is conversant with the immediate as well as long-term social costs of every project it undertakes. The company believes in putting in place only those systems that are conducive to prevention of accidents. Its teams are regularly exposed to training programs on occupational health and safety as well as risk management. At Paramount, nothing is left to chance .

Client-induced progress At Paramount, the watchword is total client satisfaction. We achieve this by making our deliverables clear right at the beginning and ensuring that the customer experience upon delivery is infectiously exuberant. Thanks to this policy, a substantial part of our order book swells by word-of-mouth publicity.